Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gonna eat me a lot of peaches

Busy times at Poop Centrale. The fam are moving to rural country Australia in less than two weeks!

Our apartment is littered with half packed boxes with me sitting in it reminiscing over sentimental junk I've kept and not actually doing any packing.

Procrastination is at a high also because Buddyboo is so much damn fun now. He laughs, cuddles, rolls and does funny stuff like try to lick his own feet while seated. This afternoon we spent two hours rolling around on the floor while I showed him my ukelele skills (poor but he is 5 months old, to him I am ukelele master).

In other Poop related news, Buddyboo has started pooping like a man given that he is now on part time solids. He took four days to bake a really good poo this week. No movements for four days and then BAM! there it was. And of course Dad ran away screaming like a little girl and mummy had to come in and forensically clean up all the evidence. It was epic.

Nuclear bomb farting and shitting is a small price to pay for a bigger, funner giggly little boy I get to play with all day long. He is so damn cute! Do all parents feel like this?

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