Thursday, February 13, 2014

Harry Does Valentines

Happy love to one and all.. couples, singles, families, hermits, vagabonds, party people and absolutely everyone!

I normally never care about Valentine's Day putting it in the same bag as other made up holidays invented by sugar companies but I just couldn't resist an excuse to dress up my little boy!

Yes! He is now a little boy! He talks (first word Dad.. still refuses to say Mum), crawls, grins, laughs, spits, has four teeth going on six, (and accordingly) throws tantrums, squirms, explores and learns every single day. It's been months since I posted and the little baby is a baby no more. Just look at him! Here he is and best of all, he's sugar-free but sickly sweet in my humble and completely unbiased opinion haha.

And some cheeky ones for the road...

On a more sombre note, it's also the day commemorating the day we lost Harry's dear great-grandfather a few years ago. Wherever you are Lolo (grandad in filipino), we miss you and wish Harry got to play with you before you had to go. Much love indeed xoxoxo

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