Tuesday, March 4, 2014

He's a real boy now

My little baby continues to morph into a real live boy before my very eyes at such lightning speed I can hardly keep up with all his new developments.

my little snot-nosed monster

These are the things he can do this week that he couldn't do a fortnight ago:

His game face whilst riding his new buddy
-Pull himself up to stand. And always with an uber "I'm so awesome" grin to finish

-Throw a ball. With so much force and accurate aim that I fear that he may be good at cricket one day (my worst fears come true - I absolutely detest cricket plus think of all those wasted long days taking him to all those matches)

-Catch a rolling ball off the ground (again oh no, cricket)

-Examine whilst repeatedly opening cupboards, doors, drawers, anything with a hinge that he can get his hands on

-Perform party trick commands like a flying kiss, strong (pulls an angry Hulk face see photo right), close-open (closes and opens his fist)

-Absolutely loves loves loves to click his tongue super loud and thinks its hilarious

-Pushes himself to sitting from lying down. He spends the first ten minutes of nap time just lying down, sitting up, lying down, sitting up. Just coz he can.

-Takes proper forward steps when held up and not just jelly leg flails

-Claps his hands unprompted at the end of songs he hears on telly or even when he hears applause

-Waves hello and goodbye ..though he's been waving goodbye for a while now but I think now he gets that it's appropriate for both arrival and departures

There's probably heaps of other things he has discovered this week yet hasn't been able to express or that I haven't noticed or remembered. He definitely appears to be widening his comprehensive vocabulary and seems to be able to understand a lot of what I say to him.

It really is amazing. Now if only his little body can hurry up and grow to catch up with that big brain of his! 

We have an appointment with the feeding clinic this Friday, really looking forward to it hopefully some answers and tips about my fussy little boy.

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