Sunday, March 9, 2014

The hubby's garden

Despite the last post, having the hubby around does have its merits.

Our backyard is pretty pitiful and I have to say I make absolutely no contribution towards its improvement or maintenance. I am completely aware of how terrible I am at gardening.

Kale sprouts in a styrofoam box grown from seeds

The hubby is quite the opposite and is both determined and pretty successful in the garden. Recently he tried his hand at growing kale plants out of seedlings and surprised to say they are coming along. Kale is not only a hailed superfood but also really good to pop into baby food for that extra veg boost.

Transplanted into the ground.. let's wait
and see if they grow

Hitting your 30s kind of makes you wish you were more competent in something as basic as growing your own food. Maybe it's a mixture of the hipster revolution and wanting to save money but I do wish we were more self sufficient when it comes to food.

Herbs are an example of how the big supermarket chains seem to do a lot of their wallet gouging so actually having a backyard for the first time means we have invested in some pots.

Proud to say we grow our own rosemary, chives, watercress, mint, tomatoes and a few other things. So handy to just pop out to the backyard to get a handful of flavour for a quick omelette. Not bad for a couple of former city slickers.

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